Panels & Accessories

Take advantage of our pre-season Savings on our popular individual panels!  Build your own custom hunting blind with these easy to install panels.  Spend less money and get a completely custom deer hunting blind before the season starts!  Contact us today for a quote on the panels, doors, windows, and roof you need to build your own blind.
Are you looking for an easy do-it-yourself Hunting Blind?  Our Hunting Blind Aluminum Panels are the best way to quickly build your own hunting blind.  You can save money by building your own hunting blind from these panels and enjoy the comfort and luxury of an aluminum insulated hunting blind.

Instructions for building your own hunting blind are also included with your panels.  Each insulated aluminum panel weighs approximately 25 pounds, so your do-it-yourself hunting blind will be easy to hoist up onto your stand. 
We also offer welded steel stands, made with high-quality American steel.


Panels (pictured above) are available in 3' wide, 4' wide, and custom widths so you can build your own custom blind -- exactly the way you want it!  Panels can be ordered in white, almond, or bronze (brown) to best match your local hunting area.  We hand-painted our assembled models to resemble our local woodlands. 

Stand (pictured right) is available in standard 5' height or 10' height as shown.  It is custom-designed to fit our blind and can be made to custom heights.
All of our products are made in North Carolina using materials made in the USA.  We believe in providing jobs for American Workers.

Hunting Blind Stands

  • Our welded stand & platform for hunting blinds is made of U.S. steel, 1/8” thick.  
  • Unassembled blind stand breaks down into a small pile of steel for easy transport. 
  • To assemble your hunting blind stand, pieces just bolt together. 
  • Very sturdy and does not make noise like thin cheap ones.

Stands are available in 5' high, 10' high, & 15' high.  Stands may be purchased individually or in a package with an Insulated Hunting Blind.

Insulated Hunting Blind stands are custom-made here in North Carolina using all U.S. steel.  Custom sizes are available, please contact us if you need a custom size.

Includes bolt to fasten a safety harness.  A safety harness (not included) must be worn at all times while in an elevated stand.


  • Panels are Lightweight (4' blind is only 153 pounds assembled!)
  •  Insulated: Stay Warm While Hunting
  •  Durable Aluminum
  •  Quick and Quiet Fold-down Windows
  •  Windows tinted so you see the  game but it can’t see you.
  •  Easy Assembly


  •  Comes Assembled or Unassembled
  •  Tinted Fold-Down Windows
  • Extra-Wide Gun hunting windows allow maximum view
  • Extra-Tall Bow hunting windows allow for good view and maximum use of your bow
  •  Weather Stripping available for Doors And Windows
  •  Insulated 2’’ Thick Walls
  •  Comes In Multiple Colors
  •  Comes In Multiple Sizes

A shelf across the top of the windows is a handy place to keep supplies while inside your hunting blind.  This is the shelf inside a 6x6 Bow-Gun Insulated Hunting Blind.

Extra-Wide windows make it easy to see all around your Insulated Hunting Blind.

Insulated Hunting Blinds are available with bow and gun windows for all types of hunting.

This order of Insulated Hunting Blinds is assembled and in the process of being painted.  We hand-paint our camouflage hunting blinds, one layer of color at a time.  Blinds and ready-to-assemble panels are available in solid or camouflage to meet your needs.

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