Assembled Hunting Blinds

4x4 Shorty Blind

The 4x4 Shorty Hunting Blind is our smallest standard model.  Great for one person, it features wide windows on three walls and a window in the door on the front wall.  All of our Shorty Hunting Blinds are 6' tall.

4x4 Tall-Man Blind

The 4x4 Tall-Man Hunting Blind is identical to our 4x4 Shorty Hunting Blind, with an extra foot of height.  The Tall-Man 4x4 Aluminum Insulated Hunting Blind is great for a person of taller height and features enough wall space above the windows to hang jackets and supplies.

4x6 Gun Blind

The 4x6 Tall-Man Gun Hunting Blind is 4' by 6' and suitable for up to two people.  The 4x6  Tall-Man Aluminum Insulated Hunting Blind is 7' tall at the highest end and features enough wall space above the windows to hang jackets and gear.

5x5 Blind

The 5x5 Insulated Hunting Blind is our favorite 2-hunter blind.  With 7 foot of height, the 5x5 Tall-Man Aluminum Insulated Hunting Blind is great for a person of taller height.  The gun  model features enough wall space above the windows to hang jackets and supplies.

6x6 Blind

The 6x6 Insulated Hunting Blind is big enough to accommodate 2 or 3 hunters.  A great size for bow hunting, the 6x6 Tall-Man Aluminum Insulated Hunting Blind is great for a person of taller height.   There is enough wall space above the windows to hang jackets and hunting gear in the 6x6 gun blind.
Bow hunting blinds and Bow-Gun hunting blinds are also available.  Pictured here, a 5x5 Bow-Gun Hunting Blind is 5' wide and 5' deep.  It easily accommodates two hunters. The extra-tall bow windows allow the hunter a good range-of-motion and view with their bow.

Our popular 6x6 bow/gun blind is pictured above.  Below is our 5x5 bow blind.


  • Choose the finish for your Insulated Hunting Blind:
    • Solid white
    • Solid Bronze
    • Camouflage Paint
  • Foam trim to reduce noise
  • Insulated Floor Carpet Seats & Accessories      
  • Choose the height you prefer: 
    • Our Shorty Hunting Blinds are 6' tall, a comfortable height for sitting and many people can stand in them.
    • Our Tall-Man Hunting Blinds are 7' tall, for comfortable standing and extra space above the windows to hang coats and hunting gear.
  • Choose from standard sizes:  4’ x 4’, 4' x 6', 5’ x 5’, 6' x 6' or Custom Size.
All of our products are made in North Carolina using materials made in the USA.  We believe in providing jobs for American Workers.


  • Conceals Human Scent  
  • Lightweight (4' blind is only 153 pounds assembled!)
  • Insulated: Stay Warm While Hunting  Durable Aluminum
  • Quick and Quiet Fold-down Windows  
  • Windows tinted so you see the  game but it can’t see you.
  • Weather Stripping keeps the weather outside  
  • Easy Assembly
  • Rodent-Proof

  • Comes Assembled Or  Unassembled  
  • Tinted Fold-Down Windows      
  • Windows are wide giving the best possible view all the way around your hunting blind.  
  • Windows fold down silently.
  • Weather Stripping On Doors And Windows  
  • Insulated 2’’ Thick Walls  
  • Comes In Multiple Colors  
  • Comes In Multiple Sizes
  • Aluminum won't rot & is insulated and waterproof.
  • Interior shelf above window for storage.
  • 6" roof overhang.

Insulated Aluminum Hunting Blinds are available fully assembled in two standard sizes and two standard heights.  They are made with 2" thick insulation with durable aluminum on both sides.  Custom sizes are available to meet your needs.

Assmbled Insulated Hunting Blinds include 3 window-walls and one door wall.  We build the windows as wide as the wall allows, giving you maximum visibility from your hunting blind.  All of our assembled blinds also include carpet on the interior walls below the windows and on the floor.  A handy shelf is also included so you can keep your hunting gear off the floor and out of your way while you hunt.

Other options are available to customize your deer blind or big game hunting blind for the way you hunt.  Please contact us to let us know exactly what you would like in your Insulated Hunting Blind and we will get a custom quote for you!
If you're wondering whether an Insulated Hunting Blind will interfere with the deer's activity in your hunting area, check out this video by one of our customers who uses a 6x6 Combo Blind.  

Bow-Gun Insulated Hunting Blinds allow you to bow hunt in your blind during bow season.
A 4x4 Insulated Hunting Blind on an elevated stand is the best spot to be on a fall afternoon.

Insulated Hunting Blinds can be customized to have a wider door, for wheelchair accessibility.  These 6x6 Custom Bow Blinds will be used as ground blinds on a wheelchair-accessible base.

5x5 gun blinds are great for 2 hunters to use.

Youth hunting weekend in Indiana, September 2013
Ice fishing or hunting in snowy climates?  A white Insulated Hunting Blind is a great choice.

A camo Bow-Gun Insulated Hunting Blind is great for deer hunting, with a bow or with a gun.  Enjoy all the hunting seasons in comfort.

This camouflage Insulated Hunting Blind blends in with the woods perfectly.  Our blinds are made with sturdy aluminum that doesn't rot, doesn't rust, and has 2" insulation to keep you warm & dry.

If it's cold outside, a 6x6 Bow/Gun blind will keep you comfortable.  This Insulated Hunting Blind is in West Virginia.

Custom blind sizes are also available.
This custom 6' x 8' blind installed on the hunter's own stand is the perfect spot to watch for a big buck to appear!

Lightweight and portable, this 4x4 deer hunting blind fits nicely in the back of our full-size pickup.  Before taking your blind on a ride, you'll want to make sure you strap it down with a good quality ratcheting strap.  This one weighs 153 pounds and can be set up or taken down by two people.

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